Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Grey Knights - Techmarine WIP #1

In our monthly challenge, september is all about one of the most "boring" part of the FOC, the elite slot. Since my goal is to have some sort of Adeptus Mechanicus Inquisition at some point in the future, i figured the best elite slot to paint would be a techmarine.... and lets face it, the model is pretty nice.

So i started working on a very standard red techmarine, hoping to have him fit with the army in some very weird ways ;

My Grey Knights are a very light blue armor, with red weapon. My inquisition will be the other way around ; red armor and light blue weapons, most likely going for some OSL effect. OSL didnt feel right on the GK, but it does with the Adeptus Mechanicus...

As you can see, i didn't get too much done yet ; the logo, the face, and some NMM on his side. His face is very similar to my librarian's because in the end, i really liked the final look on that skin.

A super-duper close up of his face and his mechanical mask. My goal is to get pretty much all his backpack arms painted that way (much lighter than my Dreadknight's). For now, i'm not considering giving him a conversion beam, but i'm not closing the door on some arms cutting in a few weeks to add the magnetized option.

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