Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Painting Commission #01

Well, took me awhile to get back to painting, thanks to a new house, and a camera i couldnt find.

In the meantime, i managed to get myself a commission, that i'm really just doing for fun. And depending on the success, i might consider expanding my service. Basically what i got to do is paint 2 spacemarines ;

A librarian, Games-Workshop scheme paintjob
Some blood angel with a special gun and a jumpack (i think? Sorry, i don't know much about space marines in general). This one has to fit with the 30 or so others the client already had painted.

Please keep in mind i'm charging 20$ to paint both, and i even went as far as magnetize the librarian's left hand, So while its a detailed job, it's more of a high standard to me than the-best-i-could-produce-at-this-time type of job.

The Librarian

First, lets have a look at what i did on the librarian.

He's a bit darker than i anticipated, but i think it helps the cloth really popping out.

First thing to note, i tried to stay as true to the one shown on the GW's site as possible, with the exception of the cloth that is red (as in blood angel), instead of green.

What is left to do ;
"line Highlight" on the armor
his left hands
Some remaining details.

The Space Marine

For the space marine, i had to try and paint something similar to what he already had.

This one, as you can see, is far, far from finished. Still need to figure out how the details are done, and i need to paint them.

So this is my first commission. Right now, pretty happy with the overall result.

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