Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 Recap

last year, i set myself 24 goals, aiming for a 60% success.

Lets see how i fared first

Warmachine 1/1
1 goal which was not to buy new model until everything is painted. I resisted, and despite not painting anything, at least i didn't buy anything. Success

40k 0/3
Paint a few model from my Dark Eldar. In the end, i didn't paint dark eldar, i instead started a new Grey Knights army. Fail X3

Fantasy 4/13
Nurgle 3/3
Finishing my army + presentation tray for ND Open. Success
Play at least 10 games. Success. I didnt play them before the tournament, which bite me in the ass, but at least i played with the army.

Ogre 1/4
Well, this gonna be painfull, as i didn't really touch them, except to play with them once in awhile....

Finish Stonehorn. Failed. Didn't touch him at all.
new BSB. Failed. Didn't even start thinking about it
Tattooes. Failed. No real reason.
10 Games. Success!

O&G 0/6
Even worst than my Ogres, those werent touched, not even for playing....

Terrain 2/7

 adding terrain to 40k Failed x2
Basecoat or paint 40k building Failed x2
Build and Paint 2 Tabletop Failed
Build and Paint 2 tabletop forest + add another terrain to my fantasy table. Success. I call it success because i fixed my forest problem by purchasing 4 already painted GW Forest, and also added a used skullmantle big ass terrain to my roster.

Total is 7/24 for a very bad 29%... Lets sets some goal that are actually possible, even with a "i dont wanna see anything warhammer related for the next 6 months" phase...

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