Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is done!

So tonight, i finally call it. I'm done. Whatever i do after this point, is pure bonus.

I'm so glad to be done, and i have to say, it feels good to complete another army. As of right now, i have 3 completely painted Fantasy army ; Ogres, Nurgle Carnival and Dark Elves. Each one were done with something in mind ;

Ogres, it was my first army, so i was learning. Learning to highlight/shade flat surface, learning to just paint correctly.
Nurgle Carnival was learning to airbrush, learning to convert and follow a paint scheme.
Dark Elves was learning to use minimal color palette, NMM, and a few new things about prepping and painting model (like never touching a model with our oily fingers..)

I am VERY satisfied with this army, and i can't wait to start another. So many ideas, so many new challenge, i can't wait.

For now, Pictures!!!!

Completed Presentation Tray.

This was one of the scariest thing to do, really. Last year, the one i did was pretty (at least imho), but so, so much simplier. This year, i had building, i had terrain, i had ice... And i wanted it to be "neutral", so its actually the army on it that stands out...

Look 'ma, an army!

And here's the whole army on the tray. Quite frankly, when i reduced its size, i wasn't expecting it to be this small... i kind of regret going with that size, especially with 3 building... its very tight in there, but the good news is that its small enough to fit on any side of table, so i shouldnt have too much problem moving it around during tournament.

The 3 buildings.

The small village... it look very light grey, but its only the flash... its actually somewhat darker in real life. I added some green here and there to break from the grey, the door are brown and the windows are blue. That's all the color there is. Good news, is that i can use them for gaming as is, and they still look 3x better than most club's building...

Had to paint the little buddy... as you can see, its a heavy drybrush work... nothing fancy about the buildings...

And now, the army... and yes... more crappy shots...


  1. Been following your progress for a couple weeks now. Looks good mate! Shame you never did anything with the grey armor on the Dark Rider horses, was curious how you'd end up sorting it out.
    I'm normally not a fan of limited color palettes as it applies to an army-wide effect, but it looks pretty damn sexy on the Dark Elves. I think it was a good choice.
    Congrats on hitting your goal and good hunting with the Druchii sir!

    1. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the kick in the butt to do the front plate... i'll paint them in the end.

  2. Ha ha, not meant to be a kick in the butt, but take the motivation and run with it! The only reason I was disappointed was that your NMM looks very well done and I was hoping to see it on he Dark Riders as well.
    Thanks for all the updates, you help inspire my own painting of my Dwarfs!