Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nurgle Carnival now the Carnival of Carnage

Yes, i have to admit, i finally am forced to start adding more than nurgle to my army. Not that i am forced, but some variety is good, right?

For that reason, my nurgle carnival is now my carnival of carnage (and you can bet my Daemon Prince will look like Violent J).

So my old list was something like this ;

Daemon Prince of Nurgle with all the goodies
Herald BSB of Nurgle
2x22 Plague Bearers
2x3 Beast of Nurgles
2x3 Plague Drones.

Now my list will look like this ;

Herald BSB of Nurgle
2x22 Plague Bearers
3 Beasts of Nurgles
2x5 Seekers of Slaanesh
2 Skull Cannon
1 Soul Grinder of Nurgle.

ALOT of work to do, and alot done so far.

first, my very WIP Soul Grinder ;

A 3 legged ball of Green Stuff, mixed with a giant, and more green stuff. He's about 70% done, with only the legs left to fatten up, and some nurgle "stuff" on his underside. I'm VERY happy with him, and i hope i'll manage to make him a good center piece for my army.

Next is Kairos. I know, you'll say "But he's not the Kairos model, he's just an old Lord of change!". That's true, but i have a cool (i think) idea for a back story about how to make him a Kairos... to give you a hint, his name is "Kairos the double personnality psychopath"

One of my favourite thing about him is that i had the chance to do my favourite color scheme ; blue going purple. Those two color are so easy to blend, and imho, looks so nice together, its almost too easy.

I also tried some gemming on his belt.

Next in line is my Skullcannon, named the "Little Red Train". I only have one so far, as my local store only had one in stock. Pretty happy with the idea, especially what i did with the bloodseekers accompanying him. My goal is to have one bloodletter being the driver (the one with the hat) and the other the feeder (the one with the shovel).

Lastly, my Slaanesnake. For the record, yes, i completely stole the idea from "Slave of Paint". I enjoy so much the look that i'm considering expanding that god a whole lot more than i initially though.

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