Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #27 : 2nd unit of Blightkings Finished!

Didn't post any picture of the WIP, since, well, its the damn same thing than the first unit, but they are still finished! They are pretty much exactly like the other, following the exact same recipe for everything.

Now that those are finished, I can start working on the bling bling for my army, like the presentation tray, the movement tray, and odd bits here and there...

As you can see, they are basically the exact  same thing. Actually, here's a picture of the other units in comparison ;

 See the resemblance? Well, i do!

There's a bit less barnacle on the 2nd painted unit, so i might mix and match to have the two unit more like each other.

Color are a bit washed up, but you can see the details. Sadly, my wash crapped on me for the boots, and they are all shiny. I'll fix this, eventually... And the last shot ;

Now my goal today is to build the movement tray with the same basing as the bases, and paint them up (or at least, prime them)

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