Friday, 30 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #26 : Chimera Done!

In the past few days, i kind of lost motivation to paint 3-4 hours each night, so it was a real struggle to get anything done. But i still managed to finish another piece, the Chimera.

I often think about starting an all-monster army, but each time i take on painting one of them, i have all kind of trouble with the flat surface, and it often ends up below what i believe i can achieve. The Chimera kinda had that problem as well, but i think I still managed to get something nice out of it.

As you can see, most of the body was an airbrush job. I really do like the color i used (even the odd greenish dark color for the final "shade" of the body). The red and blue face are a bit on the extreme highlight, which is something i always wanted to do for a whole army... someday maybe.

To get richer head color, i used very weird basecoat. I think it worked really well on the red, a bit less on the blue.

The eye looking at you is something i really like doing on my models.

In the end, i think the part i hated the most was the wings. I never seems to be able to get a good effect on those, even with an airbrush. I was lucky tho, these wings had alot of details that worked nicely with washes.

So this is it for tonight. Tomorrow, i'll hopefully finish the BSB, then i need to decide what i'll bring to the tournament, since i'm still undecided between another unit of Blightking, or just about anything else... (skull cannon maybe? don't know).