Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #28 : Presentation tray underway!

I've been working pretty much non stop since my army was completed on my presentation tray. I've been learning alot doing it (mainly that the skin on my fingers grow back pretty fast), and it been a really fun adventure. I'm close to finish and i think its time to show it.

The idea is pretty much to replicate a mixt of the boat from 300, and a Normandie troop carrier.

As you can see, its boxy. Also, the troop are directly on top (Chaos do not care about hiding from bullet/arrows). The leader are in the back, looking over their army.

This is what the army looks like when placed on the tray. I didnt get to put them back there yet, but i will when everything is finished.

The "good" thing about making it a troop carrier is that i can make it with a flat nose, and its perfectly fine, and makes perfect sense.

The boat can easily fit : 42 Warrior of Chaos (in my case, 30), 10 Monstrous infantry, 3 chariot based unit, and 4 characters.

On the to do list ;
- cover up the foam under the tray. Right now, its too deep.
- ran a string around the boat through the little post.
- Decide if i want or not to have a landing plank on front (that's the reason there's 2 long beam on each side at the front.)
- Add some pustule and possibly barnacle

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