Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Cold One Knight

Yesterday, i played a team game with 5000 vs 5000.

I was playing my Dark Elf, allied with a Skaven against Bretonnian allied with Empire.

The game lasted 6 complete turn, and saw the force of destruction destroy the good one. After that game, i realized i needed to painting them for Northern Defenders 3 (The biggest tournament around here).

I have some painting done, but alot left to do ;
What i have ready for the tournament :
1 Supreme Sorceress

 3 Hags and their Cauldron

20 Crossbowman

5 Harpies

5 Cold One

What i need to paint :
1 Dreadlord on Cold One
1 Sorceress
10 Dark Rider
33 Warriors
14 Witch Elves
5 Cold One
2 War Hydra

a long winter ahead of me...

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