Monday, 10 October 2011

Low Rider Mournfang cavalry

Before i opened my first mournfang box, i saw a very nice thread talking about lowering the rider on the mournfang, and i immediately decided i wanted those too. I just found it weird how the Ogre was standing on the mournfang, considering the speed at which the little cat run.

So i built my first two, with all kind of problem with the saddle, and ended up with a relatively successful conversion. It's not perfect, and i know a few thing i could add that would improve it, but overall, i was really happy with the final product.

But then my 2 other boxes arrived, and now i'm reconsidering the whole idea of low rider.

From a distance, you quickly notice that the difference isnt that great, but it look like a slightly more natural way to mount a giant cat.

So the question now is this ; to low, or too low?

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