Sunday, 9 October 2011

New edition = New Theme

When a new armybook comes up, alot of things happens ; Players start a new one, dust off their old army, or just upgrade a current one. In my case its a little of the last two.

I've just spent a good chunk of money on upgrading my army, purchasing everything i need to be able to play everything i want in a 3000 pts game (even if we pretty much never play that high, more around 2500 pts). Just like a kid on christmas....

Since i started reading, i had an idea on a theme for my army, that didn't involve starting over the whole thing (after all, i have ALOT of models already, and starting over all my 25 or so ogre didnt sound like such a fun idea).

It's heavily based on the new lore, and the ice cage. Basically, my new army will be surrounded by ice ; the base, the models, the tray. I'm hoping to accomplish something i'll be proud to show, and that i'd be proud to present at a "Army on Parade". This is really my only goal ; an "Army on Parade" worthy army. Not aiming at winning awards, but just improving my army overall appearance a notch. It's gonna remain an army built to play and nothing else.

On another subject, i started building my new models, almost finished my first ironblaster. I'm still undecided if i'm buying an airbrush in the next weeks or not, so i'm not sure if i wanna start painting it right away. One thing for sure ; its an amazing model, and its most definately gonna be a challenge to paint.

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