Monday, 24 October 2011

2 More games of Ogre Kingdoms

The past weekend, i managed to get a few hours off home, and played 2 games at a local event.

I roughly brough this list ;

1 Slaughtermaster
Fencers Blade
Crown of Command
Dragonbane Gem
Dispel Scroll

4+ Wardsave
Heavy Armor
Ironcurse Icon

1 Firebelly
lvl2 Wizard
Hell Heart

9 Ironguts
Full Command
Standard of Discipline

6 Bulls

10 Gnoblar

4 Mournfang Cavalry
Full Command
Heavy Armor + Ironfist
Dragonhide Banner

3x1 Sabertusk

2x Scraplauncher

2x Ironblaster

Basically, what i'd call a gunline ; 4 warmachine. I get the feeling that's how i'd get categorized as well if i bring this list to tournament, even if i use them more as chariot than warmachine.

First game was against High elf.

lvl4 + ~30 Seaguard with Halbert
1x Dragonmage
1x BSB
2x unit of ~30 spearman
2x Great Eagle
2x Balist
2x unit of 10 swordmaster

That's roughly what i remember from his list. If there was anything else, it didnt matter much to the result.

We were relatively equal in deployment, but i still managed to see his 3 big block placed before i went with mine. So it was his seaguard, a unit of swordmaster and spearman on one side, faced by my Mournfang, and on the other side, spearman, the other unit of swordmaster and Dragonmage against my Bulls/Ironguts.

I wasn't too confident, as i know he's a great player, and i hadnt played in a few months.

1st turn saw me make my first mistake ; i sent a Scraplauncher after a pesky Great Eagle instead of sending my mournfang, thus blocking the only way for my cavalry for 3 complete turn (they only managed to charge on our final turn, (4, when time was up), destroying a unit of swordmaster.

On the other side, i wasn't too lucky, failing 2 charge (8" and 10"), and getting charged the following turn. I wasnt too worried about those charge, since it was just spearman, but i knew i had to be quick before the seaguard could turn and charge me on the side. Took me 2 turn to drop his unit to less than 10.

In the end, it was a Blood and Glory, which went down to VP, which i won by 150 pts.

My 2nd game was against woodelf.

1 character with I9, that was apparently a killer, with a wardsave of 3+
2 unit of Scout Archer
2 unit of archer (one with his lvl4 + BSB)
1 unit of 10-12 Tree Kin
2 Treeman

Game was pretty much decided on first turn, when he failed his Wardsave of 3+, and lost his big killy character that-i-do-not-know. I almost lost it later when he casted Irresistible Flesh to stone on his unit of Tree Kin in close with my IG, losing me the combat by 9. Thanks to the crown, i stayed to whipe his unit with my 2 lonely character 2 combat turn later.

I won this one by 500, and was pretty proud of myself, considering i lost my mournfang after they failed to do anything (again) for 2 turn (failing a 9" and 8" charge).

Notes ;

Slaughtermaster ; Not sure he's that safe in an open list tournament. Without wardsave, i'm still a bit scared to send him on front rank, but i need to to keep my RnF safe from arms.

BSB ; solid built that i had since 8th came out. I'm definately not changing him

Firebelly ; still undecided if he's useful or not. He,s definately better as a lvl2 than a lvl1, since there's quite a few spells that are useful to us (flaming sword, flaming cage....). He's a big point skin for just a Hell Heart carrier...

Hell Heart ; ah, the 50 pts all mighty item that everyone is scared of. In both game, i managed to get the caster. In both game, he rolled a 8, just turning a pretty big magic phase into an easy one. In my first game, it definately saved me from a Dweller Below on 6 dice, without a scroll left. On my second game, it saved me from seeing the treekin being buffed. It's no game breaker, and i'd go as far as saying that its use is on par with the Frog Scroll...

Ironguts ; Standard of Discipline is a requirement, but i felt on those 2 games that if my Firebelly was in the unit with my SM and BSB, it would be all my eggs in the same basket, so i ended up placing my firebelly with my little unit of Ogres... It's not that bad, but i feel its the biggest problem i have right now with my list.

Ogres ; 6 isnt much. With a character, that's 6 wounds away from loosing attacks. I don't like that idea, but i have to if i want to field the rest.

Gnoblar Trappers ; so random, its hard to justify using them. Sure against a gigantic horde, it would be interesting, and they are always a good unit to sacrifice to redirect a unit, but that's about it, and i dont think its nearly enough use.

Mournfang Cavalry ; I see their use, but i just couldnt get it done. 3 could be a good size unit, but i really like 4. I'm keeping them like that for now.

Sabertusk ; wow... just wow. Against high elf, they ended up getting shot 2 turn in a row by his ballist, saving my ogres from getting shot at. Against wood elf, it roughly was the same result. I also used them as double charge with my chariot, forcing him to either Stand and shoot against my 'tusk, or saving it for my chariot and just taking on my sabertusk. a Win-Win situation. They never killed their point, but they disrupted my opponent plan quite enough.

2x Scraplauncher ; 2 direct hit, 1 misfire. They did more in close combat than in shooting phase, but still didnt do much. I wanted to give them one last try (and, well, that was the only list i had ready), and i think they're going back into retirement.

2x Ironblaster ; If i could have 4 of those, i'd do it. What i noticed is that its much better to send him in close combat than shooting at stuff not worth it. Avoiding misfire is key imho. Against treeman, Great Eagle or Dragon, they are worth it as a cannon. Against infantry, Chariot all the way.

All in all, i'm getting ready to face some greenskin tomorrow night, hoping to have good result once again.

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