Monday, 14 November 2011

2500 pts Tournament results

Yesterday, i participated in a bi-monthly tournament at my local store. 8 showed up.

my list ;

Fencers blade, glittering Scale, 5+ Wardsave

lvl4 of Maw, Dispel Scroll, 2+ Ward vs Flaming, Ironfist

Bruiser BSB
Heavy Armor, Ironfist, 4+ Ward, Ironcurse Icon

lvl2 of Beast, HellHeart

9 Bulls
Full Command, Look Out Gnoblar, Ironfist

9 Bulls
Full Command, Look Out Gnoblar, Ironfist

3 Mournfang
2+ Armor, Musician, Standard

1 Sabertusk

1 Sabertusk

1 Thundertusk

1 Ironblaster

1 Ironblaster

Pretty standard list, which i only played 1 games with before (a win vs Warrior of Cheese). It's not really friendly (if i believe my sportmanship score), but its a fun list to play, with tools against almost anything. BSB, Tyrant and SM goes in one unit of Ogre, Beast in the other.

1st game vs Dwarf.

1 Runelord
1 Lord
4 or 5 Slayer type of Character, by themself. He used them as roadblock.
2 unit of Tunneler
1 unit of scout (lord went there)
2 unit of 20 or so dwarf (with or without great weapon, can't say)
1 unit of 10 dwarf with great weapon
1 unit of 20 guy with guns.
2 Organ Gun
1 Catapult
1 Invisible Bolt Thrower.

So i knew this game would be boring, and it was. The player is someone i played often against, and he usually bring 5-6 warmachine, and wonder why we call him gunline.

He deploy everything on a mountain or around it on one side of the board.

I deploy everything on the other side of the board, to use his short range to my advantage, and attempt a sniping or two of warmachine.

1st turn (his);
He moves.... nothing, except his roadblock, then takes 10 freaking minutes to shoot his 2 warmachine which were in range, managing kill one Ironblaster.

1st turn (mine)
I move up, everything racing ahead, hiding my thundertusk behind a building, readying to charge his roadblock with my "deathstar". With a double charge, i had a chance at killing his 3 roadblock in front of me, and getting to the meat asap...

My unit with Butcher turned to face his scout+Lord, staying about 14" from him.

2nd turn (his)
Hes moves.... again nothing except his roadblock, and one unit of tunneler pop in front of my Mournfang. He then takes another 10-15 minutes to decide what shoot who (those 2 turn must have took about 1 hours, with no cc whatsoever). His shooting took down my Thundertusk. At that point, it was clear he'd play safe and just go for everything but my deathstar, and hope to stall me long enough to get the win.

2nd turn (mine)
i charge his first roadblock, kill him, and place myself in a way to charge his 2 unit in front of me, with no chance for them to run and hid. My other unit charge his lord+scout. I won that close combat by 3, and he rolled 6, staying there, even without a BSB...

3rd turn (his)
Not sure what he did there... I guess his plan was still to stay behind and stall me as long as possible, so he didnt charge me (even if a unit was in my flank, and another in my front), and instead turned around a bit. At that point, his strategy was working, but his plan to shoot me instead of charge me wasn't... well... good? I dunno. He had a unit of 20 in my flank, and a unit of 12 unbreakable GW in my front. And yeah, i didnt have crown of command... His shooting took down 2 of my ogres, bringing me down to no look out sir. But he had no shooting left. In my close against his lord, i completely fail my attack, and lose combat by 4 or 5. Too far from my BSB/General, i flee, and get catch up. His 2nd unit of Tunneler pop up behind my Mournfang. at that point, i have a unit in front and in the back of my mournfang, making them useless. to flank charge the meat in front of his warmachine.

3rd turn (mine)
My mournfang charge a unit of tunneler, whipe them, and run off board (best thing to do imho). My Deathstar charge his unbreakable unit, and kill them all. I turn to face the other unit, getting ready for a charge on my next turn.

4th turn (his)
He shoots, and leave me with 2 RnF, removing my Look Out Sir, but thank to god, he had no shooting left. He does nothing else... no charge no nothing. He's a very conservative player, and i'm not sure why, because his W/L ratio would be much higher if he was playing more aggressively. At that point, at this point, we were playing for 2 hours, with roughly 2 or 3 real cc combat. He's slow, literally stalling the game for his advantage.

4th turn (mine)
At that point, i'm not sure what happened.

I had lost everything but 1 cannon, 1 Sabertusk, and my deathstar, he lost everything but his warmachine, his shooter, his lord unit. I won the game by 106, after a 5 minute discussion about how he lost 25 pts because his unit was whiped (for his banner), even if it didnt die because it fled... yeah, he's that kind of player....

2nd game vs Daemon of Chaos.

Was not really looking forward for that game. First because the player often cry cheese about other army when he loose, and because his list was pretty rough.... The scenario was #3 (the valley type of scenario), and he already started complaining it wasnt fun to play that way.

1 Bloodthirster
1 Lore master of Shadow
1 Lore master of Life
~40 Bloodletter in horde (BSB in there
12 daemonette
5 flamers
3 Nurgling
unit of 30 Pink Horror (both caster went there)
4 Fiend
1 Fiend

His deployment was as follow (from my left to right)

Daemonette, 1 Fiend, Bloodthirster, Horde, Flamer, 4 Fiend

unit of casters behind the horde.

My deployment was as follow (againt from my left to right)

Sabertusk, Mournfang, cannon, cannon (behind forest), Bulls (Deathstar), Bulls, Sabertusk

1st turn (his);

He moved everything up. Casted -2 S on my Bulls which i let through, and another spell i scrolled (can't remember which, sorry).

1st turn (mine);

I move both sabertusk to force a charge on them by fiends and daemonette, and move everything around to get me a good chace of charge on next turn (was 15-16" away for everything). On shooting phase, my first cannon shoot at his Bloodthirster, and misfire on both rebound. Then he start asking question why i do not roll for misfire, and i have to go through the whole explanation on how cannon really work... 5 minutes later, i shoot my other cannon, hit his bloodthister (he then start complaining how cannon shouldnt be allowed LoS in forest), fail his wardsave, and i roll 5 wounds... 1st highlight of the game.

2nd turn (his);
Bloodletter charge my Thundertusk (damn +D6 charge banner), kill it, and overrun in my deathstar. His fiend charge my sabertusk, and stay there. My other is charge by his daemonette, and stay there too.

2nd turn (mine);
I charge his unit of fiend, and attempt charging his unit of daemonette, failing miserably (needed something like 8). My magic phase does nothing worth mentionning. In combat, i beat the fiend, leaving one with 1 wound after resolution. Against the horde, i make way and end with a frontage of Champion, BSB and General. BSB takes 3 wounds, champion dies, and i win combat by 4 or 6.

3rd turn (his)
His daemonette charge my mournfang, and he manage to cast Mindrazor on them. I still manage to Parry about 8 attacks, but i still lose them all. I finish his fiend,

3rd turn (mine)
Cannon charge his Bloodletter, doing 1 impact hit... I lost combat, and stayed thanks to steadfast, and my Chariot  too, thanks to a lucky roll (needed 5).

4rd turn (his);
His magic phase start strong, with 12 PD. With my butcher 20 and 24 away from his 2 caster, i decide to pop HellHeart anyway, since i knew it would be my end if it went through. I roll.... 5. He miscast both, draining his 12 PD, and killing half of his horror. YaY!

4rd turn (mine);
My deathstar is starting to look really really weak, so i try and cast trollgut with 4 dice, going total power. On miscast table, i roll 4 (the one where you can die on 1-3), and roll 4... After all is said and done, the miscast cost me 2 wound, and obviously, with regen, i promply win combat (by alot, like 8-10). My smaller unit of bull charge his horror, killing them all with impact, and finishing his 2 caster with combat res. At that point, he conceeded, claiming that Daemon weren't strong anymore, and he wanted to play a stronger army, like Ogres... Massacre for me.

I lost ; Mournfangs, 2 Sabertusk, Thundertusk, 1 Ironblaster (in combat with the bloodletter).
he lost ; bloodthirster, 2 caster, pink horror, unif of fiends, bloodletter (would have, if we kept going, since we still had time)

3rd game vs Empire.

A great guy (finally) that always come up with weird list.

lvl4 Metal
Arch lector
2 Warrior priest
unit of 60 halbert (both Caster and Lector goes there)
unit of 30 Flagellant
unit of 10 Archer
unit of 9 1+ cavalry (1 Warrior Priest here)
unit of 9 1+ cavalry (1 Warrior Priest here)
2 cannon
2 mortar

Scenario was Blood and Glory, and He went first (damnit).

His deployment was (from my left to right) ;
Cavalry #1, Cavalry #2, Warmachines, Horde, Flagellant, Archer

My deployment was (from my left to right) ;
Sabertusk, Cannon, Deathstar, Thundertusk, Bulls, Cannon, Mournfang, Sabertusk

Terrain played a big role. A house was between his flagellant and my Mournfang, and a house and a marshland was between his cavalry and my Sabertusk, Cannon and Deathstar. Another marshaland was between his cavalry #2 and his Horde.

1st turn (his).

He moves everything up, his flagellant heading straight for my mournfang (well, around the house, but still). His shooting didnt do much (during the whole game, all his warmachine misfired at least once, and 2 exploded). His magic phase reduced my armor by -1 on my mournfang.

1st turn (mine).

1 sabertusk goes straight in front of his Cavalry #1, forcing them to charge it. 1 Sabertusk goes in front of the flagellant, in a way that would force him to overrun and give my mournfang his flank. Magic didnt do a whole lot.

2nd turn (his).

He charge his cavalry on my sabertusk,whipe it, and stay there. He moves back his other cavalry (not sure why, it basically put them out of combat for the whole game), and moved some more his horde. As expected, his flagellant whipe my sabertusk, and overrun 10", just in front of my mournfang. His magic didnt do a whole lot, as i hellhearted his caster, and removed most of his magic.

2nd turn (mine).

I charge his flagellant, killing about 20 of them in 1 turn. I attempt a charge with both my Deathstar and my Ironblaster on his cavalry #1, and he decided to fled. Cannon attempted a pursuit, but failed, while my deathstar attempted to redirect to his cannon, but failed to reach. Both thundertusk and Bulls charged his Horde. I though they were spear, so when i noticed i was facing halbert, i wasnt so confident all of a suddent. I still easily won combat, but he stayed thanks to steadfast.

3rd turn (his)
he shuffle his unit around, cast -1 armorsave on my bulls, and that's about it. I finish his flagellant, and win combat against his horde again, but he stays.

3rd turn (mine)
First real mistake of the game ; I had his horde flank, and his archer within' Mournfang reach, so i decide to go for his archer. with -1 armor, and a guy down to 1 wound, he stand and shoot, and finish my guy, causing a panic test, and they flee... But rallies later. I charge a cannon (who was standing in front of the side of his cavalry, but about 4 inch in front, whipe it, and overrun into his cavalry.

4th turn (his)
He finally kills my thundertusk, and i finish his unit, leaving both unit free of combat (thundertusk was engaged with the caster/Lector, while my bulls were strictly in contact with his unit). My Deathstar unit go into combat with his cavalry, and i won combat by 2, he fled, i catched and was off the table.

4th turn (mine)
With his 2 character in front of my bulls, i decided to go for the kill and charged them.... which wasnt such a good idea. He did 2 wounds, i did none, and i won stricly with charge bonus, banner and 1 rank.

He conceeded. I had lost only my thundertusk, and he lost everything but one cavalry unit + Warpriest, his archer, and his 2 character.

so 3 win, giving me the best general (only one who won 3 games), but was short 1 pts from best overall. (as my 3 opponent picked me for worst adversary in the tournament). A bit annoying, but i don't mind, i won my games, and proved that my list is still pretty strong.

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