Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Trying new toys

After taking my first loss last week with the new book, i decided to take the challenge of playing only with Ogres models. No warmachine, no monster, not even dogs. With this list i aim at trying a few different thing i didnt get to play yet with the new book ; Tyrant, Leadbelchers and Maneaters.

The list is definately gonna miss a bit of raw strenght from cannon and Monsters, but a hard as nail tyrant coupled with a lvl4 Beast could really turn the tide of a battle quick.

The List ;

Unkillable Tyrant 305 pts
Fencers Blade, Glittering Scale, Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon

Anti-Fire Character-Booster Slaughtersmaster 318 pts
lvl4, Lore of Beast, Ironfist, Dispel Scroll, Dragonbane Gem

Defensive Battle Standard Bearer Bruiser 184 pts
Heavy Armor, Talisman of Preservation, Ironfist

Hell carrier Butcher 150 pts
Lore of Heaven, Hell Heart

The untrusty Maw Butcher 185 pts
lvl2, Lore of Maw, Gruts Sickle

9 Ogres 323 pts
Full Command, Ironfist, Look Out Gnoblar

9 Ogres 323 pts
Full Command, Ironfist, Look Out Gnoblar

5 Leadbelchers 215 pts

8 Maneaters 488 pts
3x Additional Weapon, Heavy Armor, Full Command, Standard of Discipline, Look Out Gnoblar, Poisoned Attacks, Stubborn

Tyrant, SM and BSB goes with the Maneaters, with a unit of Ogres on one side, the Leadbelchers and other unit on the others.

Maw and Heaven goes each in one unit of Ogres.

Goal is pretty straightforward ; go straight ahead, and smash faces. Still unsure a 488 pts unit is worth having just for stubborn and poison, since they pretty much all are gonna be in 2nd rank, so its pointless to have 4 or 5 attacks... But on another hand, it gives me the freedom of increasing my frontage if the required spells goes through (like +1T/S, or trollguts). It also makes my flank alot more killy.

I don't have much expectation from that list (especially since i'll most likely face a skaven army with 2 cannon and an abom again), but its nice once in awhile to play a less-competitive list.

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