Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Maneaters unit under construction

I started working on a unit of Maneaters. My plan is to get a circus tent in my presentation tray, with a freak show unit of maneater. It's more a joke unit than something serious, so dont expect anything "wow", especially considering my GS talent....

I'm currently aiming for 10 maneaters, even tho my list can never get above 9 without too much restriction.

Champion ; Circus Master. Basically, an Ogre in tuxedos, wearing a tall black hat. (or a very small one, he might look like he stole his suit from a mere human).
Standard ; strong man. The good ol' Minotaur body GS-ed to look like an ogre.
Unit filler (2) ; Riddle box. A guy turning a crank from a big box, with an ogre coming out the box through a spring.
Bearded Woman ; An ogre with big breast, and a very long beard. I considered the Female maneater, but i already got one, and i really want to try to GS the whole unit.
Elephant Ogre ; just an ogre, with an elephant head sculpted.
Prince Randian ; An ogre without any legs nor arms. Probably moving with a ramshackle skate, with a sword in his teeth.
Lobster Boy ; Finger and toes turned into claw, with skins like lobster's legs.
Albinos ; Well, yeah. He's just gonna be albinos. Its not much of a freak, but i'm pretty sure in the warhammer world, it would be one.

None of those ogre will be wearing gutplates, and i think that to make them more "war ready", they might be wearing some kind of imperial armor over their body. Nothing exceptionally big, but a hat, a shield, or sword. Still in a very early stage of conception.

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