Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some Painting done

A pretty big hiatus. I failed to find any motivation to paint, or, i found many reason not to. My biggest one was waiting on my airbrush, to change the world. Once it arrived, it was a matter of waiting for the Vallejo paint to arrive. And now, i don't know. I just want to play the hell out of my Ogres, beat people to pulp, and appreciate each massacre. But i still plan on having a completely painted army by March, with quite a few big piece left to paint, and a big display board to make.

Display board is #1 priority. I want something that people will look at and go wow. But again, excuses. I do not own anything to cut styrofoam, nor do i have any tray to put it all on. I'd even go as far as to say that i still do not know what list i'll bring, so making a presentation tray for it is pretty hard.

I know, its all excuses.

But its not all bad, i still worked relatively hard when i found motivation, to have a few new piece under work.

First, when i received my Airbrush, i was eager to try it. I followed Akaranseth's advice and went for a large piece first. I wanted to try many different thing, learn the airbrush, and see what it was capable of. So i picked up my Thundertusk, hastily primed it, then realized i forgot to greenstuff his body.... ooops. But its allright, i'll work around this problem. In the meantime, i started on his fur. Still alot of white, as i'm waiting for some paint that should be just the right color for this. I'm still pretty happy about how it look, going for dark shadow at the bottom, and lighter one at the top. This is something i want to try to achieve with my models now ; true shadow, instead of just going for crevice and details...

Second thing i did was paint up a Metal Butcher to get used again to paint, and find back my color. He's painted the old way ; layered, up to bleached bones. Some details are still left to do, especially weapon that i'm still unsure how i'll paint the rust, but it really was just a test model.

Third, i started working on my Firebelly. For this one, i really want to have smoother transition between color, and some OSL effect (hopefully achieved with an airbrush). I'm really enjoying this model, even if i really hate how much bubble and warping there was on the piece. My guess is that there is about 5-6 hours left to finish this one, so hopefully i should have completed him before december 1st.

Lastly, next on the list is my Mournfang, followed by my Ironblaster. I play my mournfang in unit of 3 now, but i'm still gonna paint all 4 of them completely, so i have flexibility if i want to alter my list a bit. The question about painting those and the rhinox is a matter of painting everything with the same fur color or not. I think i will, an army of white/light brown fur covered beast will help tie everything together. This, the base, and some other idea i have in mind should really make the army stand as a single army, not some thrown together bunch.

So what will make them all look alike ;
- Same Skin color through the army.
- Same Fur color through the army.
- Same base through the army (my current type of base, with a bit more snow than they have right now.
- Same weapon color (not 100% sure about that yet, i might go for a glowing effect type of weapon, or just plain rusted)
All Striped pants (even character). Not 100% sure about them having all the same color.
- I'm also trying to think of a way to add a third color to my units (brown being the skin, purple the pants). Maybe charms, trinkets and banner. Or maybe just their weapon.

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