Monday, 9 January 2012

2 Ironblaster Part 1

Christmas been pretty eventful, with a new baby, and Star War The Old Republic release. One is a good excuse to lack time, the other isnt, i let you guess which  I still managed to get alot of airbrush done, to at least get all my model their base color done.

First thing, i have to say that an airbrush is simply the best thing to get to speed up painting. Even if you never consider getting advanced skills with it, its still a wonderful gadget to get paints done nicely, in a very short time. Like most of my Ogre army, i used my model as learning base to my airbrush, so there's alot of mistake, and alot of things i would have done differently. It's a learning process, and i think the Ogres models are the best one for that.

So first of, my Two Ironblaster.

So this is currently where i'm at.

The "fur-less" cannon is basically done, i might add some black to its end to show the soot. The other one still need highlight, and some further shades.

The Rhinoxes itself needs lots of works.First i need to highlight the hair, one by one. Then i need to do the gray/pink skin, the horn, and various details.

The big horn on each sides also needs lots of works ; first i want to shade each ribs on it (like the first one), then there's the straps to paint and the metal bits. The front metal plate are staying as their are, as i think its a very nice color for rusted metal. (used the same technic on the jaw above the cannon).

The part on the back, where the ogre will be standing, still needs all the metal and various detail done. I'm not 100% sure i'll keep the wood as is, as i think i might do some shade in the recess to give it a more, i dunno, old or worn look. The wheels are almost finished, all i have left to do is paint the chains on it.

As you can see, still ALOT of works left to do, but even if i decided, or was forced, to keep them like that, with a painted rider, this could easily pass as painted models.

Next up ; WIP Mournfang low riders.

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