Sunday, 10 June 2012

100th Post!

For this milestone, i decided to go ahead, and get a group shot of every army i own, in their current state. Figured i could also talk about GW's new price hike, but i don't really feel like this post being a downer.

Ogre Kingdoms

Ogre were my first real army i started collecting, in 2008 or so. I have a bit of everything, and can easily field 5000+ points on the table. I won many small tournament with it (Especially since our new book was released), and i even went as far as to win Best General in a 40+ players event.

About 90% is painted.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves were an army i started back in 7th ed, when i was tired of loosing with my Ogres, and wanted a few wins to raise moral. It worked. It also allowed me to learn alot more about game (since Ogres were pretty basic back then, without cavalry, little shooting, and weird magic phase).

About 50% is painted, some to good standard

there's a few model i'm particulary proud of ; My cold one were painted scale by scale, My Cauldron's Witch Elves were painted to a standard i could never achieve again, and my favourite piece of all ; my Sorceress
Some color choice were perfect for that model

Dark Eldar

I decided that i wanted to start 40k a long time ago, but never really cared much to collect a complete army. I finally did lastr year, and i'm currently owning about 2000 pts of those elves in space. Not much is painted (or even assembled), but my goal is to get it slowly done, hoping to start playing for real with 6th ed (and when times permit... which shouldnt happen too often). Sadly, since everything i have painted to my current standard is currently displayed at my local store, there's no army shot available at this time.

Haemonculi painted 2 month ago

Orcs and Goblins

I always though that an Orc army was interesting. Not very competitive, but loads of fun and random stuff that can make each game truely unique, even with the same list. This one is my first true army with loads of conversion (and a theme!), which makes its progress slower than anything i've ever done. I did almost complete 2 chariot conversion, but nothing is finished. About 5 Orcs are painted.
Not much is painted, or even built!

Nurgle Carnival

This one is not really a secret, but it's something i plan on starting maybe this summer. Basically, i'm aiming for a mono-god Daemons army based on the Nurgle Carnival. With each model an unique conversion, this is one of those project that might never ever reach 1500 points, especially if they get released with the type of new model we've seen with the last few books (come on, who really wants to convert something like an ironblaster when the current model is so gorgeous?). I have tons of idea in store, with unit filler, presentation tray, and even unique model ideas.

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  1. Superb. Nice incentive to keep on painting seeing yours together like that.