Monday, 25 June 2012

Runts Trollbloods

I recently purchased my friend's old trollblood army very cheaply. The goal is pretty simple ; loads of bright color (that i sadly never got to use on my WHFB or W40k army) like orange, blue and yellow. I'm thinking about having no skin color omogeneity in the army ; some will be blue, some will be orange, some will be red...

here's the list of what i currently own in my hands

Grim Angus
Hoarluk Doomshaper
Borka Kegslayer

1 Troll Axer
2 Troll Impaler (Metal)
8 Warriors
6 Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes
6 Pyg Bushwackers
1 Swamp Gobbler Bellows Crew
5 Trollkin Champions
3 Trollkin Long Riders
2 Fell Caller Hero

There's a box of Fennblades and Welps on the way, and i got another bundle i'm supposed to purchase from someone locally... Some WIP pictures to be expected within the next week. Still unsure what model to start with, i'm considering a warcaster i wont be using much like Borka, or maybe a big model that i know will be orange skinned like the blitzer...


  1. Nice! I would love to finally see an army that doesn't have a monotonous looking flesh tone repeated on every model!

  2. That list seemed a bit on the light side at first glance, especially regardering your beasts. But looking at the picture, I see a Blitzer and a Winter troll not listed, and another model to the left of the Blitzer which might be a Bomber or a Mauler. This will give you some more punch. :)

    With the quantity of infantry you have now (and with the Fennblades coming soon), I think you really should give Borka a try. The one warlock I would keep on the painting table right now is Hoarluk Doomshaper: your collection doesn't seem to have enough heavies for his liking right now. Still fun to try, but some pieces he synergized well with are still missing.

    Have fun painting! My trollbloods are my favourite models to paint. I dabble in some other faction and games, but the big blue guys are my all time stars.

    For the colours, you could also change based on sub-race, depending on how many different colours you want. Pygmies a colour, trollkin another one, full blood trolls a third, dires a fourth, and then the elemental trolls each having varying colours. Not as diverse as your actual idea, but might look good too. :)