Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tale of Painters ; Warrior Units #3&4 Part 1

I started working on my last 2 units of Dark Eldar warriors last week, a bit later than expected. Sadly, last month's units didnt get any vote, but quite frankly, its easily understandable. My technique is sloppy with those, and its definately not for everyone's taste.

For this month, i decided to alter a bit my technique. First, My transport now have some yellow to distinguish them from one another, and i have some hope to add a little something to the units to "mark" them to one unit or another.

For the yellowish Venom, i plan on adding white to the chip, like everyone else does. the rest of the model will be like my previous two.

For the second Venom, i want to try something different, but i'm not sure what yet.

And here's my warriors in their current state. Nothing spectacular ; white primer and white airbrush. Rusting them up should start tonight, and i plan on trying that white highlight on the chips too.

Next month ; Talos Pain Engine and Razorwing Jetfighter. Once all is said and done, i should have about 1000 pts painted over 4 months.

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