Friday, 29 June 2012

WarmaHordes Folding Table

So tonight i completed the frame on my warmahordes table. It's a side project i wanted to attempt, allowing me to play games homes too.

It's still far from perfect (as you can see on the curve), but its pretty impressive for someone that just never worked with wood before.

Here you can see it folded. Its pretty tight, look almost professional!

For some reason, 4'x4' looked smaller when playing on a 4x6 table....

And the infamous curve

So i'm trying to figure a way to fix that problem... if anyone has a clue, i'm open to idea....

Next up, once that problem is fixed, is getting some hinge, some foam on top, and start working on the playing field... i'm still undecided between laying a zuzzy mat over it or building a table over it that couldnt be removed (with a river and all)....

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