Thursday, 6 June 2013

Grey Knights - New colors

So i wasn't quite happy with the purple armor, and figured it would only get worst if i really tried to save it, so i went back to musing, and came back with another color. This time, its the Teal-inator!

The first five, of many (many GK, that's like, 10, right?)

So the purple was replaced with teal, and my goal is to pretty much follow GW's color, with red shoulder thingies, and my attempted NMM Gold lettering.

Thinking about leaving the helmet white, since most paintjob i really like have them white, and that would be about it. There's still some decision to be made regarding their force weapon, i'm thinking either dark blue or red (maybe purple!). Want to try and use as little color as possible, so i'll have to think hard.

As you can see, there isnt that much done to the base color. No shading done, and the only highlight is very limited. I might go and add a little more (especially on the breastplate) but for the most part, the highlighting is finished.

One thing i found interesting is that the highlight is done with a pale blue grey, but on the base color, it look like bone.

So that'S how they look so far. Still tons to be done, but i'm in no hurry to finish them.

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