Saturday, 3 August 2013

Grey Knights - Draigo's almost finished!

Well, i had alot of time to paint lately (oddly enough), so i managed to almost finish my Draigo, and i am very close to be able to finish my 5 paladin utility unit as well.

First, here's how bad my table look right now ;

For some reason, this is how my table ends... everytime.

Somewhere, Draigo is standing, fresh paint on him, waiting for a correct base to stand on.

I tried to put as little color on him as possible, so i kept my original palette for every detail, adding a little bit of purple on the shield to bring out some details.

Some of the thing i'm happy about ; banner's gold, helmet, the gold writing and just about his overall look. He's not really standing out from the other Terminator (minus the banner), which is pretty much what i was aiming for. I though about weathering him (considering his fluff), but decided against it, to keep him in line with the rest of the army.

Some of the thing i'm less happy about ; Sword, because i replaced the crappy finecast piece that just wouldnt stay straight, not matter how many time i straigtened it in hot water. That fix is kinda showing when up close, so its annoying. Also, the painting on the sword is kinda boring for a HQ.

Tried something new on the bottle... kinda happy with the result.

 Loving more and more the dark cloth. Love the color depth.

Considering adding some writing on his books, but not sure yet how good this could look.

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