Sunday, 25 August 2013

Grey Knights - Terminator done!

What a busy past weeks this been. I'm currently writing you from my new home's man-cave, my little piece of heaven where all my warhammer stuff is sitting. Sadly, i didn't unbox the camera yet, so for now, its gonna be good 'ol Samsung S4 pictures.

I still managed to finish my 5 terminator for the Painting challenge, but obviously didn't manage to put as much time on it that i would of.

I,m a bit tired, so here's the picture ;

First, a family picture... the family is getting much bigger months by months...

So there you go... Next month? Techmarine painted..... RED!! Techmarine and my Inquisition will be painted red, with much, much battle damage to represent their "less holiness".

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