Monday, 20 December 2010

2500 Dark Elf vs Beastman

Yesterday, there was a small tournament at our club (like we have every month or so). Since it was a pretty busy weekend for me (Daughter #2 turned 1), i couldnt attend to the tournament, but still shown up later in the day, and i was lucky enough to replace someone for the last game.

I wasn't expencting to play, so i shown up without even knowing if i had a list ready or not, or even which army i was carrying. Lucky for my opponent, it wasn't my Ogre Kingdoms Bus, but my "barely tested" Dark Eldar list.

Supreme Sorceress lvl4 with Sacrificial Dagger, Talisman of Preservation and Lore of Shadow.
Dreadlord with Ogre Blade, Armour of Darkness and Pendant of Khaeleth
Sorceress lvl2 with Tome of Furion and Seal of Ghrond (which i completely forgot all game long) and Lore of Dark.
1 Cauldron of Blood with BSB upgrade.

21 Corsairs with full command
32 Warrior with full command
5 Dark Rider with Musician
5 Dark Rider with Musician
5 Harpies
18 Witch Elves with Full command and Banner of Murder.
18 Black Guard with Full command and Ironcurse Icon
2 War hydra

My opponent had :
7 Minotaur with the big one considered a BSB.
1 mage lvl4, 1 mage lvl2
2 unit of Gor (or unGor, can't really tell)
2 Chariot.
1 unit of 10 Centaurs.
2 Giant

Scenario Was meeting engagement, and he won the to see who deploy first, placing, obviously, everything as close to middle as he could. Nothing except his lvl4 and a unit of Gor started in reserve.

I placed everything i could as far as possible, hoping to see a lucky round or 2 of magic before being rundown.
What started in reserve :
lvl4 mage, 1 Hydra, 2 Dark Rider.

With a 6 i can steal first turn....... and i roll a 6!!! So my deployment is even weirder now that everything is on the table, and i wasnt expecting to win first turn....

From left to right
his deployment :
Gor+lvl2 Chariot Chariot Minotaurs Giant Gor+lvl4 Giant Centaurs(which appear at his turn from reserve)
mine :
Harpy (far from everything)
Warrior (lvl4 in reserve)
Witch Elves
Hydra (From reserve)
Dark Rider (From reserve)
Dark Rider (From reserve)

As i don't have anything to do graphic report with, i'll just say the highlight of the game :

Turn 2 : I attempt a Charge of 2 Hydra and my Witch Elfs on his Gors+lvl4. I need a 0 for Hydra#1, a 8 for Hydra#2 and a 9 for the Witches. Nothing reach the combat except that lone Hydra, which turned into a fleeing hydra. Breathe is nice, but since it comes after most attacks, its never at S5.

Turn 2 : BlackGuard+Dreadlord charge his chariot, winning combat and overrunning into his minotaur. With some luck i finally get to cast something usefull (Okkam's Mindrazor) before the combat against chariot, allowing me to have it for the combat against Minotaure... I ended up doing 3 wounds on his BSB/General, and killing 3 Minotaur.... He responded by mauling me, and i only won the combat by 1, which was enough to see him flee and caugh up, but still...

Turn 3 : My poor Hydra gets destroyed by his Centaur (damn thing, but fail to reach my Witch elves). In return i charge his centaurs with my Witch Elves and my Dark Rider, oddly enough, only doing 5 wounds total, despite having 28 poisoned attack from my Witches... Dark Rider get destroyed in return, but i win combat, and once again, overrun him (that's the story of the game, overrunning his units)

Turn 5 : Black Guard get charged by his Gor and a Chariot, and get destroyed, alongs with my unkillable Lord (DAMNIT!).

Game ended 1700 to 900 for me. Many mistake, but also learned a few things about my list :
mage lvl2 : totally useless in that game, and that wasn't against someone particulary geared against magic.
Blackguard : isnt as hot as they look. They still dies in drove, and are basically only used because my DreadLord can't fit anywhere else.
Hydra : can't win all combats. Needs to be played differently (and i need to remember thunderstomp, which i just realized i forgot all game long).

My next list will be pretty different. I'm thinking of dropping the BlackGuard and the Dreadlord, and going instead for another lvl4 mage (on pegasus, because i have the model painted), and a unit of 10 Cold One Knights.

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