Sunday, 12 December 2010

Failing, Snow, and more Failing....

Well, the past weekend wasnt such a good time for painting i guess. First i was taking care of the kids alone, so that kept me buzy most of the day, and when night came, it wasn't that much better ;

My white primer decided to crap on me, and start making very ugly patch on my minis, scraping most of my crew in the process. All they are worth now is paint scheme test.

So i bough a new can, to prime the rest of my Ravager, just to realize that my airbrush's can is empty (bad fitting made it lose air i guess), so now i can't spray the rest of my vehicle. To add to the fun, there's some very bad storm coming around here, bringing snow, rain, and all kind of crap that makes my days even worst.

So i despite all this, i "finished" my aethersail (still unsure if i want to add something to it or not), and i started on my Dark Lance, hoping to make them stand out of the crowd, without looking like a clown.

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