Monday, 13 December 2010

Everything falling into places....

I finally got everything i needed to start airbrushing again, so some more work were done on the ravager. I basically got the rest of the hull ready for some brushing tomorrow. Lots of work, nothing to show.

I also worked on my Dark lance. Quite frankly, i think i like how they turned out, but still debating if i should rust them out or not. I am also considering attempting some kind of OSL, but i'm chicken when it comes to do that...

Finally, i received what i ordered for my base (diamond plate plastic), and i started working on my bases. As i couldnt resist the call of purchasing Urien, i figured i'd try to make him a base, and see if i like it... Keep in mind its gonna be very dark, and very rusty. I'm kind of aiming for black rusted bases, to really help my mini pop more.

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