Friday, 10 December 2010

Starting Dark Eldar

So i joined the flavor of the month, and purchased a bunch of Dark Eldar, to finally start 40k.
I bought :
2 Ravager
3 Raiders
1 Kabalite Warrior
2 Wyches
1 Incubus
1 Archon

My army theme is a kabal that is living in Low Commorragh, so lots of rust, Industrial based bases, and so on.

For the event, i decided to buy a cheap "airbrush" from testors (those with a propellant bottle) and try new technique never used/needed in fantasy.

My goal is to have 1000 pts painted by January 8th, to participate in a team tournament with a friend Orks.

Here is my First Ravager, painted using the Salt technique...

Stage 1 : Undercoat white. Because i think it gives more vibrant color....

Stage 2 : Painting the rust undercoat.

Stage 3 : Spray water on the model, then salting the whole thing. Yes, i decided to try (imho) one of the hardest technique to paint rust...

And since i had no clue what it would look like, i went with a negative image to give me a clear idea of what i'd look like. I felt it was important to see if it would end up being too much or not.

Stage 4 : Removing the salt. A very annoying part, that i had to do over because you really need completely dried paint.

Stage 5 : time to break that white, and add some rust effect (MIG).

That's how i'm planning on painting my Dark Eldar...

Here's some WIP pictures of where i'm at, after roughly 15 hours worth of work done.

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