Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Orc and Goblins ; the list

My O&G army is something i want to approach differently ; I started playing my Ogres because i didnt like the idea of painting little models at 5 pts a piece. I started playing my Dark Elf because i wanted to win once in awhile (because lets face it, Ogre Kingdom wasnt really a powerhouse in 7th ed, especially since i was a beginner at that game). As my skill improved (both as a general, and as a painter), i decided to pick up a new challenge when i started my O&G. For that reason, this army is gonna be special.

I am not looking at the best list, or at a list i could take against anyone and have a chance to win. I want a list that i'll be able to bring to an evening game, and have fun playing it, no matter if its because i got extremely lucky or because my only main 2 units decided to fight each other 2 round in a row.

It's with that in mind that i built this list. It's not powerful (well, i don't think it is), nor is it really, well, common. It even has a theme! (And yes, my army will have a theme, both in the basing/presentation and in the listing). Our game are usually 2500 pts, so here goes ;

Savage Orcs and Spiders v1.00a

lvl4 Goblin Great Shaman 555 pts
Talisman of Preservation

Savage Orc Big Boss 110 pts (The General)
Fencer's Blade

Savage Orc Big Boss 135 pts (The BSB)
Battle Standard Bearer
Crown of Command

lvl2 Savage Orc Shaman 155 pts
Lucky Shrunken Head

lvl1 Night Goblin Shaman 75 pts

lvl1 Night Goblin Shaman 50 pts

lvl1 Night Goblin Shaman 50 pts

lvl1 Night Goblin Shaman 50 pts


30 Savage Orc Big 'Un 365 pts
Additional Weapon
Full Command

27 Night Goblin 206 pts
Full Command

5 Goblin Spider Riders 75 pts

5 Goblin Spider Riders 75 pts

4 River Troll 180 pts
1 Mangler Squigs 65 pts

1 Mangler Squigs 65 pts

1 Arachnarok 290 pts

That's the list so far. Idea behind this is to use the 4+ Channeling that the Catchweb gives to its max (which means keeping the unit of goblin within 12"). All the Orcs character goes with the Big 'Un, making it a very tough unit to beat (5+ Wardsave, Stubborn). A big stabba might be added to that unit, i'm still undecided.

The Spider Rider are used as fast cav, to hunt annoying stuff (like warmachine, or skirmisher), as are the Mangler Squig.I think that with one of each coming from both side, my opponent might be tempted to break his force a bit, and get ready for the mayhem Manger Squig might bring.

Obviously, the big River Troll unit will stand close to the Big 'un, to counter charge when needed, or to charge on their own when they can stay within' range of my BSB/General.

Finally, the 2nd Arachnarok will try and move as fast as possible at the ennemy, soaking as much shooting as possible, preventing the rest of my army from taking too much casualties from warmachine/spells.

Strenght ;
6 channeling on 4+ should give on average 3 extra DD and PD. that can easily turn a 3-4 PD roll into a real magic phase (with my opponent scratching his head wondering how he'll manage to dispell all these spells).

2 Solid units (Trolls and Savage Big Un'), 2 Monsters and 2 randomizers , gives my opponent lots of target. He might decide to ignore the Manglers or the Arachnarok to concentrate on the Big Un', but then he'd quickly get charged by both.

weakness ;
No warmachine. O&G Warmachine might not be the best there is, but a good rock lobber or doom diver shot can really hurt the opponent. I have to ignore both for now, as they wouldnt fit with the theme (i might come up with some Doom Diver spiderman tho).

All the eggs in the same basket. My Big 'Un units is worth 765 pts total, and is one dead Shaman away from being just T4 6+ Wardsave. It's a pretty big gamble.

Gobbo may be an easy target for my opponent. Once they realize that i got 4 lvl1 Mage in that unit, they might get tempted to try and take them down. 27 is a pretty decent size for a unit that isnt there for fighting, but they could be in trouble if they ever get charged. The sneaky Gobbo warboss with the 100 pts weapon could be a nice addition to the army, but i cannot fit him in a 2500 pts army.

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