Sunday, 29 May 2011

Calzag Part 1

My fourth orc is on the way. This time i decided to go for the big stabba upgraded one, with just one Orc carrying it (looks funny imho, like someone who picked a weapon too big for him).

For him i dusted off my Windsor & Newton (don't ask me why i dont use it more often... think i'm just scared to damage its perfection). Such nice brushes, nothing compared to the Pebeo i usually use.

For this one, nothing out of ordinary for now, but since he's on a 50x25 base (usually), he'll get some special attention when i'll get to do it (which should be in about 10-15 more Orcs). I have no clue what i'll do about his warpaint yet, maybe something related to his Big Stabba....

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