Sunday, 22 May 2011

Buzzrog Part 3 : it's all in the details

Buzzrog is slowly getting finished. There's only left to paint ;
the wood on weapons
the belt (which i have no clue what color to paint)
the warpaint (which i also have no clue what color to paint)

For the belt, i'm starting to consider painting it wood grain like, since i dont want any metal in my army. I should have though about it before, i could have trimmed the spike on the plates...

Anyway, here's some pictures.

I purchased 30 of them... with only 1 done, i'm about 28 1/2 left to build/paint. Here's the trio so far ;

Once Buzzrog is finished, i think i'm gonna start painting my Arachnarok, even if i wish i could have painted it with an airbrush... I did some putty job on it, and i just can't wait to see how good it'll look on a big model. I attempted the putty on Buzzrog neck and arms's connection to the body, and i think it did an amazing job to smoother the joint.

But with all the new release coming soon for the Dark Eldar, i might slow down my Orcs (is that possible?).

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