Saturday, 28 May 2011

Arhugg and Buzzrog warpaint finished

One last post for tonight ; i finished my two savage orc warpaint. Pretty happy with the result, and definately looking forward for a complete unit of them painted that way..... 2 down, 38 to go (because i did decide to bump their number to 40...)

First a Family picture. Wurrzag do not have warpaint yet, as i'm waiting to see after a few more Orc what is the best looking mix of color/sized/pattern dot, before committing to painting his.

 Like i said previously, i want to have different pattern on the back of each of my Orc, so this one is kind of looking like a rising sun between two hills, or, well, i let you think of some weirder signification.

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  1. They look great with these dot warpaints - wow! Sorry that my answer took so long - busy, busy :(