Saturday, 28 May 2011

Arhugg's warpaints

So here's a test i did on Arrhug (Since i didnt really like his skintone anyway). That's pretty much what i have in mind ; warpaint arent drawing on the body, but a ritual, so dot painting make sense. It also really fit with my aboriginal influence.

Obviously, its not finished ; only the first half is done (other side will be the same thing), and i think i'll add some other on his legs and forearms.

There's a few thing i'm not 100% happy bout, such as the face. But i didnt want to touch the reddish nose and ears, so i was pretty limited on the space i had to paint. Eyebrow are a nice touch imho. Another place i didnt like was on his chin, as their chin is pretty weird, its hard to get a straight line in. I might go for something else than dots for that place.

For the rest, a few line may get added beside the dots (instead of two parallel lines of dots).

Anyway, here's the picture of my test model, Comment welcome ;

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