Sunday, 29 January 2012

Further down the spiral... of completition. Ironguts Champion WIP #2

I just had to say it, sorry. So this was a pretty uneventful weekend, only managing 3 hours of painting and a small shopping spree to buy everything i needed to start my presentation tray. I should have a solid update this week, as soon as i get my hand on a styrofoam cutter. I'm excited to start it, and i have so many ideas in my head, i just dont know where to start with it.

Paint wise, i finally settled on a way to paint my rust. It's simple, it (in my opinion) look very good from close and afar, and is pretty simple to do. By simple, i means its not complicated, still takes me way to long.

So my idea is roughly a solid brown-redish color, with a visually striking verdigris. I first tried it on my Ironblaster, and decided to port it to my Ogres.

First up was my Test model, my Ironguts Champion.
I know it won't be everyone cup of  tea, but my goal was to get something different than my first batch of Ogres, and i think i achieved it. I'm still undecided if i want to "chip" the rust and add some metal on the weapon/armor, but there's one thing for sure; he'll be caked in Blood. I hope to have the pants painted tomorrow, and finish the last tidbits required on him.

Next up, my Firebelly.

Quite frankly, he's probably my favourite paintjob so far. There's still a few things i hate about the fire (mainly due to my approach of the sculpt), but the bug's head, the skin, the gutplate, the mask, everything is up to what i'd like my ogres to be. All there is left to do is fix the ice on his mace (the badly painted blue blob), and he'll be something i'll be proud of. He's very close to be finished, and i hope to have him done by next weekend (depending if i get to play 1 or 2 games this week).

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