Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mournfang update #3

I had some time to work on the two units of mournfangs, and finished the skins, and i think the leather too. Still quite alot of work left, especially since i decided to go over each fur's bump to highlight it, taking roughly an hour each mournfang.

So what is left  ;
Saddle's Horns
Details (hoofs, teeth, skulls, etc)
Touch up (especially the underside, who i really missed quite a few spot with airbrushing)

Once that is done, it will be time to work on the riders. I'm pretty happy with the pants so far. Still a bit of touch up to do on them, but the result is pretty nice, and should work nicely with the rest of my army (yes, i'm still planning on repainting a whole army).

What is left ;
Metal bits (Helmet, Weapons/Ironfist, shoulderpads)
Skin (Got a test model under work to see how i'll do it)
Boots (leather + Metal)

Still need to decide if i want to go for the same gutplate as my old ogres, or maybe try some new color, still undecided.

Finally, a little update on my Firebelly, who got some love lately. I painted his mask the same purple that on my Rider's pants, and painted the same color on the isectoid face too, hoping to bring a little something between everything in my army (since he can't have striped pants)


  1. These looks brilliant - i especially love the Fire and the mournfang's - nice work :)

  2. Those mournfags are amazing, the red skintone is excellent and the fur is spot on! Making me envious of your fur technique >:(!

    Yeah...and that fire bellies not bad either!