Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ogre's Presentation Tray

With roughly a month to go before ND IV, i have to get going with my army, and get ready to present something decent. So today i started working on my presentation tray that i'll be using to showcase my army. It's basically an ice cave, like in Ogre Kingdom's fluff, that my army is using as shelter. It will be (hopefully) very dirty and very bloody.

To break from what everyone else do around here, they're gonna be presented at an angle, so it is a corner of the tray that will be the cavern's end. In front, all my monsters (because it doesnt really make much sense to put the monster in the back of the cave if you want to sleep/eat/brawl now, does it?), in the middle, my Ironguts deathstar, behind them a unit of 5 (or 6) Maneaters (Proxied as bulls for now). BSB and Firebelly will have their spot on each side, and my General/Slaughtermaster will be standing on top of a little bit of ice (presented here as a red can), looking over his tribe.

the can in the back will be a circus tent, stripe painted red and white. What is currently towel rolls will be ice walls, hopefully doing something that looks real enough. There will also be a giant icycle in the middle of the board, to break a bit from the "wall in the back, army in the front" look.

For now i'm considering a 24"x24" tray, which should be big enough to carry just about any Ogre's 2500 points list.

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