Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dark Elf ; color testing

Past few days, i worked on my Dark Elves. Mainly what i did is lay out the different color on the model, to give me an idea of where i'm going with this, since, well, yeah, i have nothing really planned right now.

First thing first, i didn't work on the skintone. I'm still about 4 highlight from ready to call it finished.

Lets look at the model ;

The skin ; need a bit more "live", which will be added when i start highlighting with some bleached bones.

The Boots ; currently black. I will be adding gloss to them to make them look like they are made of vinyl. It really fits with the look imho, and its always a nice effect to have on models. Still undecided if i want to add some blue highlight to them or not. Maybe not.

The cloths ; Currently a dark purple, shaded with a dark blue, and lightly highlighted. On the sorceress robe, i'm planning on adding some light white free hand, and on the others, i'm still unsure. I might add something, i might not. As of right now, the cloth color is final.

The Hair ; still undecided on them. I Think i'll go with a pure white, with a dark purple line in them, like GW did on their White Dwarf, just purple instead of pink.

Tattoo ; last night i was looking at the limited edition cover for inspiration, and realized that red tattoo were interesting, but were kind of breaking with my cold color theme, and would look weird with the blood i'll be adding. Black could be better, but it depend where i want to put it ; if i go with my black in place where the dark blue is, it will be nearly invisible... lots of thinking left to do on that.

Metal bits ; Weapons/Brarmour (Bra - Armour) ; Thinking about starting with a semi-dark grey, shading it blue, then highlighting it with grey. Basically, i wanna try to get some NMM with a blue tint.

This week i'm on the road, so i'm not expecting much update until friday. With some luck, i'll get as much done over the weekend as possible, to be able to call a model done.

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