Monday, 14 October 2013

Dark Elf ; Skintone and colors

Past few days, i started painting my first block of 10 witches. And i need to stop right here to state two things ;

First, i hate the fact they are all jumping with one leg in the air. Especially since there's only 5 possible pose. That means that on my 35 units, there'll be 7 of each pose. Gonna be painful to find a way to make them all different.

Second, In the white dwarf, it seems simple enough to paint them while completely assembled. In real life, its a whole different story. Their 80s hair style is a PITA to deal with when it comes to pain their back, and i can't imagine how paintful it will be to paint their hair anything but white.

Now that this is out of the system, lets talk about the skintone i'll be using.

Right is the skin after the first highlight. Look a bit smurfy with all the white huh?

 So, one basecoat and one wash later, i get the right side model.
After the first highlight, i get the left side model.

Both are very blue, and not much "life" to them. The following layers will see more and more Bleached Bones added, giving it a bit more skintone color, adding some life to the skin. Then a final highlight pure white.

Once my first batch is finished with the first highlight, i'll try and add some of the color i'll be using (mainly the glossy black on their boots/bra). Once that is complete, i'll be able to decide what i'll do with the hair. I really wanted to use the same color as GW, but i'm affraid it'll break too much my monochrome idea (which i was already considering "altering" a bit with blood splatter to break the boring part of the color scheme)

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