Friday, 11 October 2013

Dark Elves ; A list

A pretty long time ago, i started playing Ogres Kingdoms. It was back in 7th ed, when they were so bad and so hard to play, that it was near impossible for someone new to win consistently with them. After many, many loss, I decided to start a new army to learn how to win, and that army was the Dark Elves.

I really loved the army, but never got around to actually paint the whole thing to a high standard. I did paing some models, like crossbow man, Cold One Knights, a f ew characters and the Cauldron of Blood, but that was about it. The new Ogres book was released, and I simply forgot about the Dark Elves, only to play them once in awhile when my Ogres were tired. Then, when my ogres were finished, I moved onto my Dark Eldars (which I never finished), then my Nurgle Carnival, then my Grey Knights, then…

Then there’s earlier this month, when the new Dark Elf book was released. At first, I wasn’t too excited ; After all, a hotel’s stair as Cauldron of Blood, I mean, really? And those witches, 70$ for 10, really?? Then the hydra/Kad… Kar… Kraken kit. At first, I hated it, I really did. The Hydra’s head looked aweful. Then someone pointed out its just the paint ; for some reason, the painter figured the scale around his mouth were teeth…

Then the K-Beast (sorry, I just can’t remember that name for some reason, I can only think of Khardassian, which I’m sure I misspelled as well). I didn’t like the look, the spiral jaw, the tail… But again, someone shown somewhere where this had come from, and now, I have much more respect for the beast weird look…

So here I am, purchasing 400$ worth of Dark Elf, increasing my model count way past 6000 pts. Without even a single game played with the new book, I already decided what I want to build ;

Sorceress lvl4 of life.
Still undecided what I’ll equip her with, or if I’ll stick her in a witches unit and just eat wounds. Some ideas about it, such as covering her in cuts, to shows she’s used to it. Most likely built will be 4+ Wardsave and Dispel Scroll.

She’s basically the best answer Witches elves block have to cavalry. With her S10, I can throw my big block at anything, and eat it alive. Obviously, since she has no protection, this gonna escalate quickly into a problem, but I played my last big tournament with a Epidemius with the same protection (5+ wardsave), prone to cannonball, and he survived most of the time…

Death Hag on Cauldron of Blood
Even if I’m still not sold on the model, The idea of giving Witches Elves 5+ Wardsave, and give them a uber frenzy is pretty nice. The bsb on the cauldron scares me, but I figured its better than spending another 85 pts on another hag, just to get her away from the Cauldron. It’s one of the part of my list I’m least sure about.

2x5 Dark Riders.
4+ armor save fast cavalry? Pretty sweet. Biggest question now is to figure out if I give them crossbow or not. I’m thinking not, so I can use them as cheap unit to throw at warmachines or to block charge from other units.

35 Witches.
The bunker, the deathstar, the funny looking gymnastic girl. I started painting 10 of them, and I have to say, that’s a lot of buns.

30 Executionner.
Not getting the new model for those, I’m sticking to my old metal model, which I have exactly 30 of. They are my anti-armor/high Toughness.

2x5 Warlocks.
They look weird, their lore is very weird, but they are pretty much the best magical sniper unit available. I’ll use them to clear shaft, warmachines, light cavalry, just about anything.

2 Kharibdyss (had to look up the name)
Another tough choice. They might get replaced by two hydra instead, I’ll have to see. For what its worth, I see in the Kharibdyss a strong offensive monster, while the Hydra looks more defensive (less Strenght, regain wounds). I guess each would have a different role, but I want to double either one of them to make sure if one dies, I do not lose the bonus it brings.

So here is my project for the next four months. And this time, I WILL complete the challenge.

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