Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dark Elf ; First Witch done !

Last night i painted until very, very, very late, and managed to finish my first witches. I have to say, i'm pretty happy with the result. At first i wasnt sold on the NMM, but after adding some edge highlight on the weapon, it really helps pop the blue out of the weapon.

The Metal Bra came out pretty nice too. It doesn't really look that much like metal, so it might not annoy painting judge too much.

Sorry for the blue tint, i can't get that out of the picture without changing too much the color

I painted the boot a simple black, with a gloss coat. I always wanted to do that on my Dark Eldar Wyches, but never got to paint them, so here's my chance with Dark Elf! It's a very simple thing, but it really add to the model character imho.

I also added some purple to her hair. For now, i didnt wash the whole thing like GW did, and i doubt i will.

The NMM on the weapon, well, i'm proud of it. Still a few adjustment to make (like tidying up the white line), but overall i think it will look Ace, especially when 40 of them will be in a unit painted to that standard.

The crown is a bit dull, if you ask me. But that's how i wanted it. It has the same highlight/shade, but alot less aparent, to avoid blending it with the skin and the hair.

Now i have 9 more to finish painting + my sorceress, and figuring out how i want to build their base. I already have an idea, but with all those jumping steps, its gonna be a challenge to make it works.

Next week i should be getting my order ; 30 Witches, 1 Khar... 1 Hydra, and one Cauldron of Blood.

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