Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dark Elf ; a new beginning

With the new book just around the corner, its time to start thinking about which way to go with my Dark Elf, because yes, i want to start them again. When i stopped playing them, i had about 10 Cold One painted, a Cauldron of blood, a handful of corsairs, and a sorceress. Every one of them is on the shelves, and i'm starting fresh.

Still love them, but the new model looks so much more dynamics....

First thing first, like i did with my Daemons, is to think about what i want to do with this army, what theme i want to use, what color i want to go for, and so on. Basically, the aesthetic above all else. For some reason, i have alot of trouble thinking about a presentation tray that would really interest me. For my ogres, my not-yet-started Vampire and my Daemons, its was quite simple ; a simple tray, add a few building, and voila! But for dark elves, its hard just to pop a few building and call it done. To me, they are stuck on their island, fighting the High elves and no-one else. So that pretty much rules out Snow and sand.

What do i have left? Coastal? My goal is to have an army heavy on monster and Witches, which arent really the most nautical units (well, ok, except the Kharibdyss). So boat and beaches are pretty weird imho.

Or i could "denature" them, and just go for the standard "army walking on the main street of a small city" with all my Table top World building surrounding the army. It could work, and i'm sure the building are awesome enough to make it look awesome.

And i think its definately the way i'll go.

Then the color. They are definately gonna get a cold skinned color, like i did on my sorceress and recently my Grey Knights.

On the Hair, i really, really like the pink touch the Witches got from the Games Workshop site, and i might go as far as to use their "tattoed face" style too. Quite frankly, i just love how they painted them, so i just might copy the color directly.

For the monster, i definately want to keep relatively the same color, but i don't want big giant pink monster, so i might use the Witches "clothes" as color for my Hydra and Kharibdyss base color. So a dark blue, or another dark color for the clothes, and voila!

On the list now... it gets interesting.

What i want ;
Big block of Witches with Cauldron of Blood
Big block of Executionner
1 or 2 unit of Dark Riders
1 or 2 unit of Warlock units
2 or 3 Hydra
1 or 2 Kharibdyss

add a sorceress lvl4 (if possible), and some BSB, and voila! That's a 2500 pts list full of love and unforgiveness.

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