Friday, 25 July 2014

Carnival of Carnage main attraction : Daemon Prince, Soul Grinder, steeds and horrors

oh how i love vacation ; the perfect time for doing stuff you usually don't have time for, like cleaning up your working space. This is exactly what i did for two straight days ; cleaning up my paint spot, storing correctly my armies and terrains, and basically, cleaning up all the crap that was laying everywhere.

But, this post isnt about how i cleaned my workspace, its instead about my new additions to my army being worked on ; the Daemon Prince of Nurgle, the Soul Grinder of Nurgle, the Steeds of Slaanesh, and the Pink Horrors.

First disclaimer ; i'm not 100% happy with my Daemon Prince and my Soul Grinder sculpt. I wanted to keep working on it, but i realized i'd never be happy about it. At some point, i might start a new DP from another model, and see how good i can make it look. For now tho, they are done, especially true since i started laying paint on them.,...

The Daemon Prince

 He must weight about 2-3 pounds... i spent 3 complete tube of greenstuff to get him done. He was a pretty big project, and overall, i think once correctly painted, he'll look very, very good. At least i hope so. He's also my "Violent J", which i hope i'll manage to do nicely.

For now, all i did was the airbrush works, which means the base color, shade and highlight. I'll definately add alot more color, to make him look like a lighter version of my GUO. I'd also like to give him some hairs with static grass... i think it'd look very good... at least i hope...

The Soun Grinder

Another heavy piece, although he's alot emptier inside than my Daemon Prince. My goal was to make him a center piece, and i think i managed that. He's not perfect either, but i really like how he came out, and i already have plenty of ideas about how to paint him, and i really hope i'll do him justice.

Sad thing is, i'm slowly considering removing him from my list, especially since tournament around here aren't really monster friendly (for some reason, only units with command can claim objectives...)

The Slaanesnake

I haven't worked on them much, if at all for the past few weeks, but i never posted their final state. The mount are about 90% done, with only the metal and saddle left to paint. Blue/Purple metal is definately considered.

The Pink Horrors

Lastly, i had to realize i need more units to hold objective, units that have a double use (one of them, being able to stay back, and hold objective while the rest of the army fight and the other being able to do damage from a distance). Pink Horrors aren't really the strongest model in the world (nor the prettiest), but i'm hoping they'll perform nicely.

After basecoating 20 of them, i realized its really a model i do not like, their previous version being alot better looking imho.

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