Saturday, 5 July 2014

Carnival of Carnage ; Soul Grinder's Hall of Illusions, or the ride of your life...


My creative juice is flowing again... i love it.

Almost done with a whole 100g of green stuff, and my daemon prince is still far from finished. but my Soul Grinder is almost done.

I had tons of idea today while listening to old recording of ICP on Howard Stern (i really recommend the one against Sharon Osbourne, funniest shit ever...).

First, i had an idea the whole time about making a rollercoaster out of him, and i think i finally decided on how to make it look like one, while avoiding making something stupidly complicated out of it. At first i though about rollercoaster rails around the models, but it was such a complicated thing to do, i just couldnt.

So instead, he's gonna swing at it ; I'll make him a bat, and he literally swing at the cart for the ride of your life.

You notice the plasticard, i decided to make him like the cart on "Halls of illusions"... the the giant guy running and screaming inside.

The second part was the underbelly of the beast. I didnt quite know what to do with it ; it had a correct shape, but was too rough to be kept as is, and i knew i couldnt sculpt something great under there, so i went with plan B ;

once i was done, i looked at it, then i looked at a soon-to-be-painted model i owned from mad clown miniatures (, the creepy mouth monster, and damn... didnt mean to copy it, but i guess subconsciously, i did.

For the record, the little thing coming out of his front isnt his... yeah, i figured if i made something where his 4th leg should be, it'd be better... might add some small toes...

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