Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Carnival of Carnage : Oh the horror! a pink horrors story

What is better to give you a boost of motivation to paint? Win games. I was slowly loosing motivation, especially since i couldnt manage a win to save my life, so the painting was slowly stopping. Then i tried a new list (not involving Kairos), and i started winning. And all of a sudden, i want to finish this army and add even more to it.

So my Pink horrors got some love, and i started my first test model.

First thing first, i really, REALLY, hate the new pink horror models. It lacks the blue and pink horrors the other had. But they plastic, relatively cheap, and easy to come by, so i had to use those. There's no real reason to explain why i like this transition so much, maybe just because it makes them less "bland" than how GW paint theirs.

So here's my test models ;

A few things ;

the blue used is Hawk Turquoise, the same color used on my SKull Cannon for the verdigris. I want to try and tie everything together, even if they are all from different gods.

The shades are very strong, and i wanted it that way. My next goal is to highlight the pink up to nearly white. It's gonna be a very striking model on the table, or at least i hope.

The problem i'll be facing is finding colors for the details. I wanted to flames to be blue (might have to review that, as most flame are near the arms... might start with white going into dark blue at the tip of the flames). Feathers? Yeah, another problem. I might end up paingint them purple highlight to light pinkish purple. The metal will be just gold.

Hope you enjoy. Next up ; where are my DP and Soulgrinder?

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