Saturday, 3 March 2012

1st day of ND IV is over...

Finally home after playing 3 games of a 6 games tournament. I'm pretty happy with how i performed and the comment i got on my painting.

A quick rundown of my 3 games.

1st game vs Dwarf

Scenario was 6 objective worth 3 pts each, and 7 pts from victory points

his list ;
2 cannon
2 organ gun
1  anvil
1 unit of 30 or scout guys with Great Weapon + Lord
1 unit of 10 or so tunneler.
1 unit of ironbreaker
1 unit of something else (not shooting).

We played for the 6 turns, but it felt like it was a really quick game.

1st turn ; neither of his warmachine manage to do anything. On mine, i killed a cannon. At this point, we each hold an objectives.

2nd turn, his both organ guns misfire and explode. His big unit of scout guy + lord takes my right, while my Ironguts + character takes center. At that point i charge his ironbreaker with my Ironguts.

From there, it was just him finishing my peripheral units, while i beat the rest of his army. By the games end, all he had left was his unit of scout + lord, and his anvil.

Model of the game ; My Sabertusk held the anvil in close combat for 4 complete close combat phase.

1331 to 1159, i'm holding 4 objective out of 6, so i make 16 pts.

2nd games vs Tomb King

Scenario was holding the middle of the table worth 15 pts, the rest in victory points.

His list ;

Mage lvl4 in a big unit of skeleton
Mage lvl1 + Cryptek (the hatred guy) + Prince in a unit of Tomb Guard
Prince in a unit of 5 Chariots
1 Casket
1 Giant (that gives +D3 to cast).
1 Sphynx (the one that doesnt fly.

1st turn ; nothing happens on my side, i move around, make my dogs in the way of his chariot. He then charge my dogs, but fails to overrun in my Gnoblar units, giving me an easy counter charge with my mournfang.

2nd turn ; I charge my mournfang into his chariot, killing him in 2 cc rounds. my other mournfang charge his tomb guard. Quite frankly, i didnt know something could give hatred to a unit of Tomb King, so my mournfang felt it.... big time.

3rd turn ; My Ironguts charge his Sphynx, dealing 2 wounds, and winning combat by 2. At that point, i knew i opened my side to his skeleton, but i was pretty confident i could get enough combat rez out of beating them to survive. So on his turn, he did charge me, but with  my firebelly rolling 11 on his breath, and doing quite alot of wounds, i managed to drop his skeleton from 40 to roughly 15. His Graveguard charge my Thundertusk, winning by 3, thanks to a crappy 1 thunderstomp that rolled a 1 to wound....

4th turn ; My Cannon finally deal the last wound to his casket. the close combat see his lvl4 pop, destroying pretty much all he had left but his grave guard unit. My thundertusk rallied, inch away from table edge, where he'll see his doom pretty quickly.

In the end, i held the center, and VP were 1832 to 857, for a solid 23-2 victory.

3rd game vs Warrior of Chaos.

Scenario was ; pick a unit worth at least 150 pts (and 3 + models in my case). If it ends within 15" of the center, its worth 15 pts (7.5 if both players have their unit in center). I picked my Ironguts (duh!), while he picked a unit of marauders. Unit came from reserve on 3+ on 1st turn, and 2+ on 2nd turn (and automatically afterward)

His list ;

12-14 Chose with BSB
2 warshrine
mage lvl4 of Tzeentch on disk
hero of Tzeentch on disk
2 unit of 20-30 Marauder of Khorne with GW.
2 unit of dogs
1 unit of 3 trolls.
1 unit of 5 light cavalry.
1 Hell Cannon

Right from the start, i decided to play all or nothing, and have my Ironguts on reserve. I knew that it was the thoughest unit to beat, so they had the best chance to make it to the middle... On second though, it was a mistake, because i literally stuck 1200 pts in the back of the board, with my character waiting to hop on the Ironguts train...

1st turn ; His hell cannon target my unit of 3 character (yeah, because i'm crazy like that.... all my 3 character in a single unit, 5 inches away from the board edge...). I have to take a panic test..... Fail the first one..... and succeed the 2nd (note ; without Banner of Discipline, ld 8 is pretty evil). At that point, i was sweating like a pig, and quickly realized i did a mistake. On my turn, nothing much happens, except a sabertusk that charge a unit of dog, killing 3.

2nd turn ; His hell cannon target my unit again, and i manage to survive the panic test. He cast 2d6+1*2 on a unit of mournfang, rolling 11 on strenght, killing the unit. My Ironguts arrive, but fail to get within range of my characters. I finally manage to kill his hell cannon.

3rd turn ; at that point, i was pretty much loosing stuff left and right except 1 unit of mournfang taking a rear charge from a 30 marauder unit with GW, and winning combat, allowing me to counter charge with 2 ironblaster and my thundertusk. It would be the only unit i managed to whipe in the end. When i tried to reform my ironguts into a fighting unit, i failed with reroll, and ended up not moving, leaving my 3 character in the middle... alone again.

The rest of the game is pretty boring, with his magic failing to do much... except my Slaughtermaster, who died on a miscast on 3 dice, casting 2d6 S2 hits on chose (dealing no wounds).

At the end of the game, we both had our unit within middle (so 7.5 pts each), and he won 1165 to 680, for a 13.5-11.5 loss.

The rest of the turn was pretty pathetic

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