Monday, 5 March 2012

ND IV is over

ND IV is over, and i have to say, i had a blast.

After a first day that was pretty good in my opinion, i arrived for the second day with a hope to break the top 10 as i was hoping. The game started pretty well with the organizer telling me my army was nominated for the top 5 best looking army of the tournament....

4th game vs my friend's Skaven

Scenario was deployment divided in 2 (with a 12" between zone). After deployment, we nominated a zone as our primary, and if we were the only to hold it, it was worth 15. Secondary was worth 10.

his list ;
1 Abom
2 Cannon
1 Doom wheel
1 lvl4
1 lvl1
2 ingenior (1 with doomrocket, 1 with skavenbrew)
40 or so Verminrats
50 or so slave
2 rat torpedo
2 unit of 30 clanrats.
12 poison slinger

On one side, he had his abom, doomwheel, 2 unit of clanrats and his mages. This would be my primary. Facing them was a unit of mournfang, my bunker, 2 unit of gnoblar, my thundertusk and 2 sabertusk.

on the other side, he had his vermin, 2 cannon, 2 torpedo and his sligner. This would be my primary. To face them was my 2 cannon, a unit of mournfang and a unit of gnoblar.

Before game began, his skavenbrew rolled 1, doing nothing (YaY! Me)

1st turn. Obviously, i fail to go first again, and he basically just stay there, except his slinger that get close to my mournfang to make pot shot at my gnoblar and make em flee (they can claim objective). Both his cannon misfire, and just can't shot this turn. My turn see my 2 cannon killing his, and everything run forward.

2nd turn. He still pretty much stay still, except his doomwheel that charge my mournfang. The table had a tree near my primary that allowed his mage to cast 1 of 3 spell, and he got +2 Toughness on his doomwheel. In cc, i managed to win by 1 (he failed to wound, but i did 2 wounds in return). I failed a pretty long charge with my Ironguts. Everything else just moved forward.

3rd turn. He tried cracks call again, but failed to cast. Oddly enough, he NEVER managed to get cast it, despite trying every turn to get it out. I charge his abom with my Ironguts, and his clanrats with my now freed Mournfang (who were now down to 2 models). I kill the abom, while taking 5 wounds in return. I have to say thanks to my firebelly breathe, that got a wound through (because his flaming attack and flaming impact hit didnt do a single thing).

4th turn was basically each of use running for objective. end of game, a win 17.5 to 7.5 for me.

Model of the game ; definately the firebelly.. otherwise that abom would have been a pain in the ass.

5th game vs Dark Elves

Scenario was getting anything in the other player side. we played on the short edge, with deployment 9" away from center, and only 12" deep (so there was a 15" no mans land behind each army).

his list ;
2 Hydra
1 unit of 25 or so Witches
1 unit of 20 Blackguard (with some hero in it)
2 unit of 20-25 corsairs
1 unit of 20 or so spearman (mage bunker).
1 Cauldron

This game was pretty uneventful, without much combat, and most of us just avoiding each other to get to other side.

Some of the highlight of the game was my Sabertusk killing a unit of Harpies with +1 attacks.

I ended up with 4 unit on his side (1 unit of mournfang, 2 unit of gnoblar, and my bunker), and he had 3 (Blackguard that i failed to cast 3d6 fireball twice with firebelly with 6 dices to whipe em (were down to 12), Witch elves and corsairs).

I won 15 to 10.

6th game vs Vampire Count

Scenario was VP (Finally!) with special rule where you can miscast on 6, and on the # of turn (so miscast on 1s and 6s on turn 1, 2s and 6s on turn 2, etc). a Lord caster dead was worth 300 VP, and a hero 150.

His list ;
1 Mortis Engine
6 Monstrous infantry (the ones with 5 endurance)
1 gigantic unit of graveguard (35?) with +1 to hit and great weapon.
2 unit of 30-40 zombies (one unit with a S7 ASF Vampire lord lvl4)
1 unit of 30-40 skeleton
2 unit of 2 bat
2 unit of 5 wolves

1st turn. For a change, i went first. So i moved everything forward. On my magic phase, i cast flaming sword on my cannon, rolling 3 1s. With scenario rules, it automatically passed, and miscasted. I went down the hole, but now my cannon was flaming attacks. I shot at his mortis engine with the Monstrous infantry in front, killing 2 and the mortis in one single shot.
Other cannon was a bit less lucky, killing only 1 models. After that miscast, i didnt even attempt a single spell.

2nd turn. thundertusk charge a unit of zombie in middle, while everything shuffle around. He decide to move everything forward, expecting to deal with my mournfang swiftly with both his grave guard (that were in cc with my gnoblar, who stayed in cc with snake eyes and 4 models) and his Lord.

3rd turn. an Ironblaster and my unit of mournfang charge his Vampire Lord unit, dealing close to 20 wounds with impact hits and attacks, while taking only 4 wounds to the lord (thanks to many 6s for saves). I win combat, and he lose his lord to combat result.

From there, everything went my way, and it was just a matter of avoiding losing expensive piece for the win.

I won 25-0, with something like 3000 VP to 800.

In the end i took best general with a nifty trophee and a nice gift certificate. I placed 5th overall, 22nd sportmanship and 8th painting out of 42 players. Very happy with my performance, and really looking forward to the next big tournament.

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