Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lists of the month (1500 pts Dark Elfs and Ogres)

So in about a week there's a 1500 pts fantasy tournament, with no restriction except no lord. I'm considering two list ; My Ogres or My Dark Elfs.

Here's my Dark Elfs list ;

Heroes (22.7%)

Death Hag
Dance of Doom
Dark Venom
Cry of War

Death Hag
Battle Standard Bearer
Standard of Hag Graef
Dance of Doom
Dark Venom
Cry of War

Core (25.3%)

13 Crossbowmen
Musician and Standard Bearer

2x5 Dark Rider
Repeater Crossbow

5 Harpies

Special (48.3%)

32 Witch Elves
Hag, STandard bearer and Musician
Banner of Murder

25 Hag Ganeth Executionners
Draich-Master, Musician, Standard Bearer

A semi themed army, with basically 2 big killy block, and some shooting in the back. No Cauldron, no mage. It's very different from anything i ever played, but i'm kind of in a mood to try list without any no-brainers like Hydra and Cauldron.

Here's my Ogre list ;

Heroes (21.7%)

Battle Standard Bearer
Heavy Armor + Ironfist
Rune Maw

Heavy Armor + Ironfist
Sword of Striking

Core (29.1%)

8 Ogres
Musician, Standard Bearer and Crusher

3x10 Gnoblar Trappers

Special (49.2%)

4 Mournfang
Musician and Standard Bearer
Heavy Armor + Ironfist
Banner of Eternal Flame

6 Maneaters
Captain, Musician and Standard Bearer
Heavy Armor
3x  Additional Hand Weapon
Immune to Psychology and Scout
Gleaming Pendant

3x1 Sabertusk

It include alot more no brainers than my Dark Elfs list, but overall, many different things in there, First no caster and instead a Runemaw Banner. Not sold on its use, but it could definately help against debuffing lore. Then there's a big unit of Scout Maneaters, which i think could be very annoying for just about anyone (especially at this low points level, where the deployment zone wont be packed). I'm also going for a deathstar list again, but i think that with 3 very solid block, people can afford to avoid the 600 pts units, but the other 2 may as well clean the table.

Still alot of Gnoblar and Sabertusk,  but what can i say, i love them.

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