Friday, 9 March 2012

List of the month (Daemon of Chaos)

For a good while, i been considering the idea of making a mono-god Daemon list, based on Nurgle Carnival. Plaguebearers are pricey and in metal, so i never really considered the idea past making list. With my Ogres now done, i'm seriously considering making an army out of Nurgle, with the sole goal of having fun green stuffing blobs, and painting like a 3 years old (sorry, nurgle's paint scheme is so random, it always felt that way to me).

The goal behind the following list is to just go for the strenght of nurgle ; many plaguebearer, and nurglings.

Lords 550 pts (22.0%)

Great Unclean One
Bale Sword
Noxious Vapour

Heroes 615 pts (24.6%)


Herald of Nurgle
lvl1 Wizard

Herald of Nurgle
Battle Standard Bearer
Standard of Chaos Glory
Noxious Vapour
Stream of Bile

Core 1125 pts (45.0%)

21 Plague Bearers
Full Command

29 Plague Bearers
Full Command

30 Plague Bearers
Full Command
Standard of Seeping Decay

Special 210 pts (8.4%)

3 Nurgling

3 Nurgling

So basically, Papa Nurgle goes in middle of the 2 big unit of Plague Bearers. The small units carry Epidermus, and stays relatively behind out of harms. Each front unit gets an Herald.

Goal is pretty simple. No magic, no shooting, just moving straight ahead and beating whatever is in front of me. Epidermus is really just there for the 4+ Poison Attack, and hopefully the +2 to cast nurgle (making my lvl1 a bit more useful).

Too tough?


  1. I've always thought slime trail is a very useful upgrade, negating faster units flank bonus for side or rear charges would be invaluable when you get into combat

    1. I do not think that Papa nurgle would need it, since he's gonna be flanked on both side by plague bearer... and i'm too close on Heroes point to add that ability to a Herald.

      the BSB one is basically just geared that way to survive just about any challenge. I'm sure opponent going last with a Breath should be enough to deal with risky challenger.