Friday, 2 March 2012

List of the month (Orc & Goblins)

Sometimes, i make list just for the fun of looking at different army book. In the case of this list, its exactly what happened.

This list is pretty much based on 2 things ;

First - dominating the magic phase.

Second - dominating the shooting phase.

Lets all agree right off the bat, Orcs & Goblin shooting isnt great, and an all Goblin army’s shooting is no better. So the idea is to maximize on shooting and hope something lands.

To dominate the magic phase, i think its safe to say that the catchweb Spider Shrine is pretty good at that when you add many lvl1 caster. With chanelling on 4+ on 7 caster, there’s some pretty good chance you’ll always have more dice than your opponent. Add to that magic mushroom, and there’s pretty good chance you’ll cast quite a few spells each turn. Kinda sad that the Little Waggh! Is so pointless, but you gotta live with some tough choice.

Lords 555 pts

Goblin Great Shaman
Lvl 4 Wizard
Talisman of Endurance, Arachnarok and Catchweb Spider Shrine

Heroes 513 pts

Goblin Big Boss
Light Armor, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer and Spider Banner

Goblin Big Boss (The General)
Light Armor, Shield

Night Goblin Shaman
Dispel Scroll

5x Night Goblin Shaman

Core 625 pts

65 Night Goblin
Shortbow, Muysician, Standard Bearer, 3x Fanatics and Netters

4x5 Goblin Spider Riders

Special 200 pts

5 Night Goblin Squig Hoppers

4x Goblin Spear Chukka

Rare 595 pts

3x Snotling Pump Wagon

2x Rock Lobber

2x Goblin Doom Diver Catapult

2x Mangler Squig.

So this is it. Alot of random movement, which should be able to easily take care of a flank, while the other is guarded by a gigantic unit of Poisoned Short Bow and Mage Bunker. I can easily see Gift of the Spider-God being casted on that big unit, giving everyone 5+ Poisonned Attacks. With that, even Goblin can decimate units at distance.

The 4 unit of Spider riders could be considered redirector, or flanker. I know they are not the most offensive unit in the book, but i think with their ability, they can do a pretty good job at keeping your opponent on his toe.

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