Sunday, 7 July 2013

Grey Knight - Dreadnought count-as nearly finished

Had a few hours that i couldnt sleep last night so i figured i may as well work some more on my Dreadnoughts. I decided to tackle the Autocannon, and see how i could do with the airbrush. I also decided that before i lose their head, i was better off painting it and glueing it.

So here goes, a first picture of the whole thing as it stands ;

Obviously, i'm still far, far from done, but the weapons almost give it a feeling of complete-ness. I could play him as is and not feel bad about it. But the body still has at least 4-5 hours left before i can call it done.

Once i was done with the airbrush, it just looked cheap, so i figured some edge highlight would really make it pop... and i think it worked. I might add some black lining here and there to break the airbrush paint a bit, but its pretty much 90% done.

Next up, a small update on my Daemon Prince

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